Osoyoos 2014 The Drive

On the way up to Osoyoos this year we stopped in Blaine to pick up a some bathing suits and an old manual focus Tilt+Shift lens and decided to continue our drive through The North Cascades. It was so beautiful and was nice to get a bit of a change of scenery instead of our usual drive. These were all taken with an 80mm manual focus Tilt+shift while I learned how to use it. Halfway through our drive we found out that the highway had been closed because of the fires – luckily we were able to detour and get around it!


2014-10-14_0063 2014-10-14_0064 2014-10-14_0065 2014-10-14_0066 2014-10-14_0067 2014-10-14_0068 2014-10-14_0069 2014-10-14_0070 2014-10-14_0071 2014-10-14_0072 2014-10-14_0073 2014-10-14_0074 2014-10-14_0075

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