203/365 Sunset in Osoyoos

Sunset in Osoyoos BCSo, my husband actually took this shot.  He had been practicing for the upcoming wedding we shot together and I saw the clouds and light and said something like “OMG, go take a picture of that!” haha. It was a an absolutely gorgeous sunset in Osoyoos.

200/365 – Skagit River, North Cascades

Skagit River in Washington USA

This year my husband and I decided to drive through Washington on the way to our annual vacation in Osoyoos BC.  It was a bit of an adventure, not knowing if/how we would make it through with the forest fires and highway closures. Luckily our six year old and one year old twins were great, but with the twins sleeping when we drove through the Ross Lake area, it meant we didn’t stop and I just snapped away from the passenger seat.  In the end, we only had to drive about an hour out of the way.

June 2014 The Fairy

One of KK’s favorite things this summer was making her fairy garden.

She adores gardens and loves to tend to our flowers at every chance she has, and what little girl can resist a fairy?

making a fairy garden

fairy in the beanstalk

fairy house